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How We Give Back

Bethel Mill Animal Hospital is proud to work with many great rescues, some of which are Gloucester County’s Save The Animals Foundation (STAF), Bullmastiff Rescue and Bulldog Rescue. We also support Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR), who helps give special needs animals a fighting chance. We are PROUD to be the home Vet of “Lentil” the french bulldog who has become an “Ambassadog” for pets and children with cleft pallets. We are excited with how well he is doing after surgery. If you are interested in following Lentil’s progress and how he is impacting peoples lives with his message of hope the following is a link to his facebook page.

We also sponsor an ongoing collection for Thrift for Tails, a second hand pet supply store benefiting Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR). We have a drop off site for donations right in our waiting room! For more information about these programs follow the links below or call our reception staff.

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