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Did you know that dental disease is the most common problem in canine and feline health? Our doctors and technicians have received special training in the field of dental therapy and oral surgery. Our hospital provides services ranging from routine dental cleanings with intraoral radiographs, to extensive oral surgery and extractions. Routine cleanings include careful charting, scaling and polishing, radiographic assessment, and a fluoride treatment to help strengthen and protect the teeth. The same careful monitoring we detailed in our surgery page is provided for all dental procedures with the addition of an external warm air heating unit covering the pet. This provides warmth and helps prevent a drop in body temperature during the procedure. Pain relief is also provided as needed.

Routine dental home care is strongly encouraged. We can help teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth and also offer products to add to food or water that will help reduce tartar accumulation. Maintaining oral health for your pet reduces the need and expense of extensive oral surgery and, as in human medicine, has been shown to improve overall health and can increase your pet’s life expectancy.

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