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Surgical Services

Bethel Mill Animal Hospital provides a wide range of surgical services; from routine spays and neuters to more invasive surgeries involving soft tissue and select orthopedic procedures. Our doctors are highly skilled and they will treat your pet like one of their own. Every pet admitted for surgery receives a pre-surgical exam and bloodwork to give the doctors a window into your pet’s current health. Every pet also has an IV catheter placed to ensure venous access during their anesthetic procedure. We maintain the highest standards in monitoring equipment including ECG, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature and SPO2. In addition to the monitoring equipment , each pet has a certified technician providing continual hands on monitoring and supervision. Small dogs and cats are especially prone to low body temperatures during and after anestheisia. We have heated surgery tables and have the capability to provide your pet with warm IV fluids if needed.

Patients are provided with pre-surgical pain relief, intra-operative pain relief, and post-surgical relief. Multiple modalities are combined to provide the most comprehensive control of pain possible. We also send home medication as indicated based on the behavior of your pet and the procedure performed. During recovery, pets are closely monitored by our trained team. They are kept in our treatment area in full view of the nurses until recovered enough to walk back to the kennel area.

We know that leaving you pet for a surgical procedure can be difficult for you the owner. We strive to keep you as informed as possible and will text message you with updates, even send pictures of your pet during the day to give you peace of mind. We also have a dedicated phone line for our hospitalized and surgical cases allowing you to call the nursing staff in the treatment area directly, by-passing the reception lines.

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